Thursday, 30 May 2019

2018/19 Fantasy Premier League: The Numbers

To say this has been an incredible campaign would be an understatement. Between the best title race in memory, the worst top 4 race in memory and the goal-laden comebacks in European competitions, it has been a breathless gift of a season for Premier League fans that is already being sorely missed.

Things were just a little less exciting in the FPL race, with the winner nearly assured of his crown a week in advance. Adam Levy from New Zealand captured this season's FPL overall prize with a mammoth 2,659 points averaging just under 70 points per GW, setting the standard for next season's aspirants.

There's nothing like an FPL season review to relieve some of the post-season boredom, or at least kill some time ahead of the European finals. Let's jump in.

The players

Time well spent

The "points per 90 minutes" is a popular aggregate metric to gauge which picks deliver the most FPL points for the time they spend on the pitch over the course of the season. The upper end of the PP90 list is dominated by Manchester City, whose attackers form half of the top 10.

Fantasy Premier League 2018-19: Points per 90 minutes top 10

Ruben Loftus-Cheek's presence at #6 bodes well for his FPL prospects next season once he comes back from injury, as he seems to have established himself as first choice for the third midfield position. Things look as uncertain as ever for the likes of Mahrez, Jesus and Shaqiri, however, despite their efficient usage of minutes to deliver value. Liverpool's marauding full backs Trent Alexander-Arnold (6.77, #13) and Andy Robertson (5.96, #19) are the only defenders in the top 20.

Safe choices

The picture is slightly different from the PP90 if we want to look at players who blanked the least. Defining a "blank" as any score under 4 points in a gameweek, it is possible to come up with a "strike rate" - The percentage of matches in which a player scored 4 points or more.

Fantasy Premier League 2018-19: Top 10 players strike rate

One perspective on FPL captaincy is to sometimes consider the "safe option" - Someone assured of delivering points in a given gameweek. With that in mind, traditional wisdom is disproved somewhat with a defender leading the way - Liverpool's left-back Robertson posted a strike rate of an impressive 69%, ahead of the more-trusted Aguero (64%) and Lacazette (63%). Youri Tielemans is the only player outside the top 6 to make this chart, with an impressive 2019 with Leicester City that sees him lead illustrious names such as Kane, Salah and Hazard in this metric.

Bang for your buck

Introducing the aspect of price to PP90 provides insight into which players provided "value for money". If we use the prices from the start of the season, this is how the top 10 looks overall.

Fantasy Premier League 2018-19: Top 10 points per 90 minutes per pound

This, however, obscures the value of the PP90 metric with respect to price that led to the number in the chart. For example: Mendez-Laing of Cardiff blanked in 16 of his 20 appearances (80%) and features in this list by virtue of his 4 strikes propping up a mere 5.0 starting price. Additionally, players like Shaqiri and Lovren, while not quite as unstable, suffer from not having assured minutes.

If we look exclusively at players with a PP90 exceeding 4 and compare their PP90 with price, we can spot several players who over-delivered on their assigned price, and are worth keeping an eye out for next season.

Fantasy Premier League 2018-19: Points per 90 minutes vs Price
Some notable prospects:
  1. RLC (7.26 PP90 @ 5.5)
  2. Shaqiri (7.53 PP90 @7.5)
  3. Wilson (5.98 PP90 @6.0)
  4. Deulofeu (5.8 PP90 @5.5)
  5. Gray (5.53 PP90 @6.0)
The chart also clearly lays out under-delivering premium assets, such as Lukaku, Kane and KdB, who hopefully occupy more reasonable price brackets next season as a result - Particularly for the latter pair, who appeal and performances were diminished more by injuries than a lack of quality.

The Opponents

The idea here is to look at how stingy different teams have been overall, and home vs away, in allowing points to their opponents. The metric under focus is PP90 allowed per player faced.

Fantasy Premier League 2018-19: Points per 90 minutes allowed by team

Predictably, Manchester City and Liverpool (in that order) were the toughest teams to face, conceding a measly 2.3 and 2.4 points per 90 mins per player respectively. This is less than half the PP90 conceded by Huddersfield Town (4.92), the most lucrative opposition for players to pick up points against. A poor 2019 pushed Brighton (4.2) to the bottom of the "still in the league" list.

Most teams are stingier at home than away, as is intuitive, barring 3 notable exceptions: Crystal Palace, Leicester City and Manchester United, who allowed a higher PP90 at home. There are also 3 clubs who were markedly better at home than away: Bournemouth (gap of 1.46 between home and away), Chelsea (gap of 1.31) and Arsenal (gap of 1.19). Over the season, Spurs and Newcastle showed virtually no difference in points allowed based on venue.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. You can access the full metrics for the teams and players used in this article here. If you have any suggestions or further data requests, just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do!

Monday, 25 December 2017

2017-18 Fantasy Premier League: Mid-term report

Between Man City's utter domination of the Hardest League In The WorldTM, blood-pressure-inducing rotation and "most transferred-in" frustration, those 19 weeks zipped by pretty quick, huh?

Pep Guardiola, Man City manager
"I own you. Every single one of you."

The time is ripe to review the happenings so far short time that remains before the second half of the season kicks off, and get an idea of where to invest in the weeks to come. For the purposes of this post, players who've played at least 900 minutes have been considered.

Top performers

Let's begin by looking at players who make the most of their time on the pitch.

Setting fire to turfs countrywide

The return of Mohamed Salah to the Premier League is the biggest highlight in PP90 terms as he leads the way with just over 9 points per 90 minutes. The top 5 is, perhaps predictably, dominated by the current front 3 of Manchester City. If you wish to look past the randomly-rotated Man City strikers, you might be surprised to see that the best delivery for time on the pitch up front comes next from Rooney, edging out Morata and Kane.

Value for money

Next, let's add a slight twist to the above by dividing PP90 by the player's price.

Everyone loves a discount

Tom Heaton's deputy Nick Pope leads the way, having outscored his current price 1.12x every game. He is joined in the top 10 by his teammate Stephen Ward, who recorded 0.93x. Early-season favourite Ben Davies is now caught in rotation, but racked up numbers good enough to see him second on the list at 1.08x. Depoitre should be a hot favourite as third striker, scoring close to his price every 90 minutes.


Aggregate statistics are decent, but ideally you'd also want your players to not blank often (especially if you have designs on the FPL cup). Defining the event of outscoring 'free' points (3 points for midfielders, 2 points for others) as having impacted a match and ranking the top 10 players by the proportion of matches they impacted, we get this:

We detest firing blanks

Salah leads the ranks of men least likely to blank, scoring under 4 points in just 5 out of 19 gameweeks. Manchester United are represented by 4 players in the top 10, with 3 from their sturdy backline. Meanwhile, Sterling's presence in the top 5 of all the above rankings underlines his status as a must-have at this moment as a player with great output and minimal blanks at a reasonable price.

Extra notes

So, what else can one make of all that?
  1. Pope and Fabianski form the best goalkeeper duo: They both feature in the top 10 (across positions) for consistency as well as value for money, and are in the top 3 for total GK points as well.
  2. Given the points output trends this season, doubling up on Liverpool or (and?) Man City midfielders may not be the worst idea.
  3. Your backline needs Phil Jones (5th overall in value and 7th in consistency), and if scoring points every week is important to you, no nailed-on premium striker is doing that as frequently as Lukaku (63% games impacted).
If there's anything else you wish to see/know, don't hesitate to let me know. Greetings of the season to you, and good luck for the second half!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

International football: The maligned sibling

The "club vs country" debate rages on, and nobody sides with "club" more strongly than England fans disconnected from their national team and millions of Fantasy Premier League managers who played their hands early in the international break. Predictably, the period ended with a long list of crocks including big names like Mustafi and Kante, leaving a large number of folks less than pleased.

Lukas Podolski, German forward
Podolski recovering from a nightmare that he and Klose only played club football

However, the format is unique and compelling in its own way, providing the opportunity for fans of a country to unite and watch players motivated for a different cause. This is a playing field disconnected from the riches and royalty of top-level European football which brings forth a very different meaning and emotion. You cannot just buy players into a national team, and you cannot just "go again next year". You have to make it count with the players you have, and when an opportunity comes once in 4 years, every game matters.

Here are four of the most incredible moments from FIFA World Cup qualifiers played over the past couple of weeks.

Iceland became the least-populated nation to ever make the World Cup

Panama qualify for their first ever World Cup

Argentina jump 3 places with a final day away win to qualify

Egypt reach their first World Cup in nearly 3 decades

Try telling these people that international football should take a back seat!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Fantasy Premier League 2017/18 - Gameweek 2

That was quite the opening weekend, eh? 13 goals were scored in the two games preceding the standard Saturday 3 PM kickoff, and the fun didn't end there as Burnley pulled off the biggest upset in recent memory by storming the home of the champions to get their first PL victory against Chelsea. Huddersfield had a day to remember as they ran away 0-3 winners from Selhurst Park in their first Premier League match before Tottenham and the clubs from Manchester restored a look of normalcy to the results.

Sergio Aguero, Manchester City striker
Man City got off to a Kuntastic start

The fixtures

Swansea vs Man Utd
Bournemouth vs Watford
Burnley vs West Brom
Leicester vs Brighton
Liverpool vs Crystal Palace
Southampton vs West Ham
Stoke vs Arsenal
Huddersfield vs Newcastle
Spurs vs Chelsea
Man City vs Everton

Player selections


Lukaku (11.5) - FPL favourite Lukaku added a brace against West Ham to his tally of x goals from the last y seasons. There is a very high likelihood of him adding to it in the coming matches against sides that struggled for form last season.

Lacazette (10.5) - The Frenchman's early Gameweek 1 strike made it 29 goals from 31 league appearances since the start of last season, and he should add to it against a Stoke side that shipped 7 goals over two games against the Gunners last season.

Roberto Firmino, Liverpool forward
The Mino that Man Utd don't love

Firmino (8.5) - The Brazilian frontman is the cheapest route to a Liverpool attack that should deliver regardless of the opposition. He followed up a 5.3 PPG showing from 2016/17 with a 13 point haul at Vicarage Road.


Eriksen/Alli (9.5) - The duo carried their form into this term as they did the damage from midfield for last season's top scorers on opening day. Next, they face a Chelsea side that fell victim to their antics early this year, and are on the ropes with poor form and a raft of injuries and suspensions.

Ritchie (6.0) - The Magpies got off to an unflattering start against last season's runners-up, but should see their output brighten in the upcoming fixtures which see them with the kindest schedule in the next 5 matches (average FPL difficulty 2). Their chief set-piece taker should be among the points.

Ward-Prowse (5.5) -  James Ward-Prowse is a great option for a fifth midfielder owing to a combination of price, set-piece duties, and a kind fixture list.

James Ward-Prowse, Southampton midfielder
"It wasn't me, I'm a Saint"


Bertrand (5.5) - The Saints full back reaped 8 points against Swansea, and is likely to continue delivering big returns with games against West Ham, Huddersfield, Watford and Palace looming.

Jones (5.0) - Phil Jones appears to be the preferred option as Bailly's centre-back partner, which makes him the cheapest route into a Man Utd defence that should benefit from Matic's signing and a raft of fixtures against mid-table opponents.

Phil Jones, Manchester united defender
"Take that, Lindelof!"

Lowe (4.5) - As mentioned last week, Huddersfield have an easy opening that they made the most of with a 0-3 win in GW 1. With additional penalty/set-piece threat, Lowe looks like a great value-for-money add to your squad.


Foster (5.0) - The Baggies keeper pulled a solid 7 points from the opening day, and should see more of the same with matches against Brighton, Burnley and a home game against Stoke in the next 3

Elliot (4.0) - Basement-priced Rob Elliot would be a tidy enabler for your squad, and has the benefit of the aforementioned schedule.

The Blogger's Team

A mere 66 to start with. What's next?

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Fantasy Premier League 2017/18: Gameweek 1 - The fixtures

Villain of the FA Cup final Victor Moses provided the Community Shield's opening goal, reacting sharply to a loose ball following a Chelsea corner early in the second half. The Blues held their lead until Pedro got himself sent off in a rush of blood, conceding a late free kick that Arsenal's new signing Sead Kolasinac headed in. Thibaut Courtois provided a memorable/forgettable (depending on whose side you're on) moment by taking - and skying - Chelsea's second penalty in the ABBA shootout. Arsenal went on to win the Shield 4-1 on penalties, raising the curtain on the English top division season.

With you on penalty #2, this goes without saying, Thibaut

(I know the image is from the FA Cup final, don't bite my head off)

Things will get real on Friday. Without much further ado, let's dive into the fixtures. The color coding is based on the FPL difficult ratings (1: Dark green to 5: Dark red)

Who's Hot

Man Utd

Man Utd's opening 6 fixtures of the Premier League season

With an average FPL difficulty of 2.33 for their opening 6 matches, the Red Devils have the easiest opening to the season among last season's top 6. The Europa League winners face teams from last season's bottom half in their opening 4 matches as well, making their personnel a good bet to make a strong start to the season.

Matic's (5.0) will most likely partner Herrera (5.5) as a midfield screen, making Pogba (8.0) an enticing selection in a role that promises further attacking returns. Lukaku (11.5) is the lucrative premium selection from this side, with De Gea (5.5) the cheapest assured route to defensive returns.

Man City

Man City's opening 6 fixtures of the Premier League season

The opening schedule is a boon, with the only difficult fixtures coming defensively leaky Merseyside. Add to this the fact that just a trip to Stamford Bridge mars the 4 fixtures following these, setting up Pep Guardiola's attackers to provide a strong foundation for the opening third of the campaign.

Just a point shy of the 200 mark, creative outlet Kevin de Bruyne (10.0) provided 21 assists and 6 goals last season. Gabriel Jesus (10.5) proved extremely useful when called upon, and is the manager's preferred forward. The recommendation with their defensive assets would be to wait and watch, despite Pep Guardiola bolstering his ranks in the summer.


Southampton's opening 6 fixtures of the Premier League season

The Saints are the only team with 4 home games in the opening 6, and they also reap the benefits of facing promoted Huddersfield and bottom half sides in their first 5 matches. They should be a force to reckon with in our initial lineups, even if they should lose Virgil van Dijk (5.5).

Owing to popular pick's Yoshida's price rise, Cedric (5.0) offers the joint-cheapest outfield route into the Saints rearguard along with him and Forster. While the dynamics up front are less clear between Austin and Gabbiadini, Tadic (6.5) looks a solid pick at his marked-down price following last season's 4 points per game (PPG) showing.

Who's Not


Chelsea's opening 6 fixtures of the Premier League season

Chelsea are handed an unkind opening schedule. Given two strikers settling into the first team, a defensively suspect second half of last season and the absence of explosive midfield asset Eden Hazard (10.5) for possibly the entire duration, there is little upside to investing in the champions at this time.


Everton's opening 6 fixtures of the Premier League season

The Toffees finished a respectable 7th in 2016/17 following a forgettable previous campaign. Having lost star hitman Lukaku (11.5) to Man Utd and got old boy Rooney (7.5) in exchange, Ronald Koeman wouldn't have been best pleased with the fixtures computer - Two promising home games sandwich an otherwise challenging schedule, to say the least.


Leicester's opening 6 fixtures of the Premier League season

The 2015-16 underdog winners are handed a torrid opening, with a cloud hanging over the future of talisman Riyad Mahrez (8.5). Two fixtures against promoted sides brighten up what is otherwise a very challenging schedule.

Bang for your buck

Huddersfield Town

Huddersfield's opening 6 fixtures of the Premier League season

Promotion playoff winners Huddersfield Town boast the easiest opening fixtures according to the average FPL difficulty ratings. Aaron Mooy (5.5) looks a solid punt for a fifth midfielder, while German left back Chris Lowe (4.5) is their most enticing defensive pick owing to a combination of price, penalty-taking and corner kick duties, although he is a rotation risk owing to the addition of Scott Malone (4.5).

Brighton and Hove Albion

Brighton's opening 6 fixtures of the Premier League season

Brighton had the joint-best defensive record in the Championship last season, particularly at home - They let in just 12 from 23 games at the Amex stadium. They have the potential to be this season's Burnley -> Mathew Ryan (4.5) could be this season's Tom Heaton, and Markus Suttner (4.5) is nailed-on at left back. The opening two fixtures aside, you could get tidy value for money in the games that follow.


Bournemouth's opening 6 fixtures of the Premier League season

Ryan Fraser (5.5) delivered 5.1 PPG last season, is still terribly cheap and looks set to play a big role in the Cherries' third straight Premier League season. Asmir Begovic (4.5) has clean sheet potential in half of the opening 6, should deliver save points in the other half and rotates nicely with Brighton's defence.