Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How Indians should prepare for that big Champions League night

Dear Indian Champions League watcher, here are a few tips on how to prepare for that big European game (this is just what I do, feel free to add more ~_^ )

- You will likely have school or college that day. Buy chips and drinks. Lots of them. Hide them in your bag if you fear your parents will find out what you are up to (Comment: Your life rocks if your parents are OK with these late games. Mine are not)

- Once you return home from school/college, drop on your bed and snooze for 2-3 hours. It helps, and you'll probably need it if it's a wintertime game and it's at 1:15.


- Forbid yourself to think of anything other than the big game once you wake up (As Dronacharya said, eyes only on the target!!). If you're more worried about tomorrow's homework or exam, you probably aren't fit to be watching these matches anyway.

- Wait till parents go to sleep. Slowly... shut the door to their room. With ninja-like stealth, put on the TV and lower the volume to the parentally-acceptable-yet-noisy-enough level within 1 second (or if you're a fan of the boring life, mute)

TIP: Put on the TV 2 minutes before the game starts if you don't want to hear 'pundits' on Countdown to Kickoff (i.e the Carlton Palmer cartoon show) say how shit your team is and how they have no hope (the opposite normally happens, but still!). And you may ask why 2 minutes and not straight to kick-off? Well, who's gonna listen to the Champions League anthem, the biggest spine-tingling build-up any match will ever have? Don't miss it for anything.

- Enjoy the game, and the eats and drinks!

A subnote: If your parents are away, shout and scream and swear and turn your house into a mini-stadium. Having friends over really helps create an atmosphere.

That, in short, is how you can make a Champions League night a thoroughly fulsome and enjoyable experience for yourself without getting told off by your strict 'Why can't you study this late?' parents for being a Creature of the Night.

Reader bonus game: If you wanna have fun in case you fancy yourself to be a rival to a water tank, challenge yourself to down a litre of your favourite matchday drink each time a goal is scored... but finish it before the game restarts from kick off!

Enjoy the big game, folks, good luck ~_^

And here, take some shivers down that spine:


  1. waste time in the evening. tell paent ive studied alot and watch tv. works everytime bro


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