Thursday, 2 August 2012

Five Fantasy Football Basics

There are several fantasy football games out there, some good, some bad. Of those, the Official Premier League Fantasy Football Game is the most popular one, boasting of over 2 million players last season. This blog will focus on this particular fantasy game, taking all its rules and aspects into account in order to (hopefully) give you the best advice you can get in order to score high points and earn bragging rights over your friends!
In this post, we'll look at 5 basic things all Fantasy Premier League (this shall be referred to henceforth as FPL) players should cover during the course of this game. To those near the top of the rankings every year, this may seem like a bit of an idiots' guide but getting these things right can take any player a long way.

1) Think ahead

You can make one free transfer a week, maybe two if you have one saved up from before. Any more will cost you 4 points per transfer. So it is vital that when you pick your initial squad (everyone gets unlimited transfers for their first gameweek), you do so after analysing the first 6-10 fixtures or so. The game is not immediate. There is no point, for example, in picking Pepe Reina for his opening day fixture against West Brom then seeing both his goal and your points battered by Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United in the coming gameweeks.

2) Value the set piece taker

Set piece takers like Larsson can boost your score without hurting your purse

This is a nifty way of scoring points, using cheap players from the middle and lower table teams who will often rely on set pieces to score. Premium players like Wayne Rooney and Sergio Aguero should deliver on most weeks but you will find that lads like Chris Brunt, Sebastian Larsson and Matthew Etherington can really boost your score with single kicks of the ball.

3) Go full back

Players like Baines are invaluable to their clubs. And your FPL team.

In this age of attacking full backs, the wide defenders carry much more points potential than the centre-backs. They will claim the same clean sheet points that centre-backs are entitled to, but they tend to wander forward far more than their central counterparts and can pick up more points due to assists or maybe even goals. In short, Ashley Cole > Terry, Baines > Jagielka, Evra > Ferdinand etc. Set-piece taking full backs like Baines and Ryan Taylor (Fine, he was dropped after his injury but he was a points machine before that) are especially valuable.

4) Pick the starting players

It's amazing just how many people overlook this simple thing. Many FPL players tend to pick people who they think might come off the bench and influence the game. Never be under this delusion. It's a gamble that people lose more often than not. It's always better to pick the player who starts, he always has a much better chance than the one on the bench. You'll save (and therefore score) many points this way. Keep updating yourself with team news till about an hour prior to the deadline in order to avoid picking duds. And if the team news says Rooney is on the bench, make sure the same is done to him in your FPL team too, even if he scored a hat trick last match.

5) The advanced role

Savvy FPL players milked Bale the defender for all he was worth in 2010.

Finally, keep an eye on players who play further up the pitch than their assigned role in the game. A prime example from a couple of years ago would be Gareth Bale, who was listed as a defender but was tearing teams apart from the left flank in the second half of the season.  These players are fantasy gold, for they will fetch you more points than any other player you can pick in that position.

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