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Fantasy Premier League: Gameweek 15

Like I said last week, the hallmark of the Premier League winter is the midweek games, and the squad rotation can sometimes be maddening. Owners of Tevez (40.5% of you) were left pulling their hairs out after Mancini refused to give him a single minute on the pitch, and the same goes for those who picked Mata (I personally gave him the armband. What a disaster!) It certainly brings to light the importance of picking your defenders well, because those are the guys who’re least likely to get rotated unless there are fitness or disciplinary issues.

That ends the customary rant intro. Moving on.

Gameweek 15 fixtures:

West Ham v Chelsea
Arsenal v Swansea
Fulham v Tottenham
Liverpool v Southampton
Manchester City v Everton
QPR v Aston Villa
West Brom v Stoke
Reading v Man Utd
Norwich v Sunderland
Newcastle v Wigan

The Big Boys

Petr Cech, Chelsea goalkeeper

Chelsea have failed to score in two consecutive home games for the first time since 2004. They have failed to score in three consecutive games for the first time in the Roman era. And they head to West Ham, who have the second best defensive record in London, having let in just 16 so far. So where does the FPL value lie now? The answer is: the best defensive record in London. Chelsea. Following two clean sheets against tough opposition, the course of action seem obvious. That said, don’t drop Nolan or Mata. That would be hasty. But if they fail to produce this weekend? Be my guest. But tread the Blue line with caution now. Chelsea do not play on Gameweek 17 because of the Club World Cup.

The blockbuster fixture at the Etihad between City and Everton should be quite interesting. Everton were the last team to win at this ground, and have made an unnaturally great start to their season. Marouane Fellaini has been a beast in his new attacking role this season, and should trouble the league’s best defence. Likewise, Sergio Aguero should trouble a solid Everton team, and many others down the line.

Theo Walcott, Arsenal midfielder

There’s really no FPL consistency from Arsenal, is there? None of their new signings really embark on a run of points that makes them worth buying, or keeping. Who does? One of their ‘veterans’. Theo Walcott. Swansea also blow hot and cold at times, but given the points return for his price this season, Michu is undroppable.

RvP paid off at last, didn’t he? Not much has changed from the situation I wrote about last week. Keep him. And Reading have a double gameweek coming up after this one so more for that one than this week’s fixture, picking Shorey or McAnuff is advisable.

Southampton have been pretty good recently thanks to the Lallana-Puncheon-Ramirez combination in midfield, but I’m going to tell you to say no to them this week, and go full on Liverpool – Suarez, Enrique. Call it a gut feeling.

The other London derby this week sees Spurs travel to Craven Cottage. Tottenham have looked inspired recently, and much of that is down to Gareth Bale. Please buy, never drop.

The Other Guys

What’s going on with Newcastle this season? Nobody knows for sure, but Cabaye and ben Arfa’s injuries are a big cause, and nothing much will change soon. Just when Coloccini gets back from suspension, Steven Taylor pulls a hammy. Also, Wigan’s FPL value is distributed, so this is a game best left untouched.

Norwich, like Wigan, are a decent side but with distributed FPL value, so you’ll likely end up frustrated with whoever you pick. Sunderland, like Reading, have a double gameweek after this one, so getting Fletcher and/or Sessegnon might not be the worst idea.

QPR and Villa are two sides who have struggled for form this season, both of whom should embark on an upward trajectory. At the forefront of change in both teams will be Granero and Benteke, so if you fancy a punt on these sides to give your team some differential from others, these are your men.

West Bromwich Albion are looking like this season’s Newcastle, but how will they fare against the league’s second best defence? (It’s the theme of the week. Get used to it) Given their home record, they should do pretty well. The FPL value is predictable and pretty close to boring – Long and Morrison.

The Blogger’s Team

The Blogger's Team
If Mancini messes around with Tevez one more time...

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  1. You've been fooling ppl with your blog posts..

    You're no beter than Mark Hughes.. Making false promises

    1. Dude Mancini raped me too man :P I really dunno why Tevez has spent the last 3 City matches on the bench -_- If he doesn't start now na...

    2. Disagree with anonymous ^^.. Akilesh has been giving really good advice every week right from GW1. And what did he ever PROMISE?? You'll finish first overall or something?


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