Monday, 24 December 2012

Fantasy Premier League: Gameweek 19

Manchester United joined the artists club by drawing for the first time this season, while Frank Lampard couldn’t have asked for a more fitting salute to his 500th Premier League start than an 8-0 scoreline. The other traditionally big sides all notched up victories as we approach the deep end of the festive programme with the gameweek that calls half-time on the season for most clubs.

Gameweek 19 fixtures

Everton v Wigan
Fulham v Southampton
Man Utd v Newcastle
Norwich v Chelsea
QPR v West Brom
Reading v Swansea
Sunderland v Man City
Aston Villa v Tottenham
Stoke v Liverpool

Arsenal v West Ham has been postponed due to the tube strike in London

The Big Boys

Fernando Torres, Chelsea striker

Fernando Torres has scored in five of his last six Chelsea appearances (thankfully only two were league games, and those contained just three of his eight goals in this run, so his price hasn’t overshot), and for most people that is sign-him-up zone. Juan Mata is always worth it – he has started precisely two league games since 22nd September where he has not scored or assisted. Oscar could be a sly pick for those of you looking for a quick fix to replace Fellaini or a non-playing Arsenal midfielder. Not like most of you had them anyway, but this is quite a bad run of matches for Norwich defenders so if you have any, get rid. Snodgrass is having a good run, so keep cashing in till it ends.

There’s nothing very new one can say about Manchester United or Newcastle than to hold on to Rooney, van Persie, Young and Ba if you have them. Stay away from the defenders.

Now that the games are starting to come thick and fast, there will be huge frustrations in the offing for those trying to guess who Mancini’s strikers will be. With Nasri out for 2-3 weeks, the safest pick is David Silva, who is just about the only other creative player City have. It’s no fault if yours if you have an Argentine forward from City, just hold him and pray that he plays more often than not.

Aston Villa are ripe from an 8-0 drubbing, and while that won’t happen again this week, it’s hard to imagine that an FPL side with Bale and/or Defoe in its ranks won’t have some joy. Spurs defenders

Stoke are horribly stingy at home, so this is the worst gameweek possible to invest in Liverpool forwards or midfielders. It’s a game for the defenders, and a particularly good time to invest in those of Liverpool given the coming fixtures.

The Other Guys

Michu, Swansea City 'midfielder'

Michu should probably get the armband in your team this week. Reading average 2.375 goals conceded per home game, the worst record in the league by some distance, and the Spaniard will be heavily involved if Swansea are to take advantage. Among other attackers, Wayne Routledge could offer some good differential.

Pienaar has been enjoying Fellaini’s absence, and has a couple of home games coming. Clean sheets are hard to call at this time of the season, but hosting opponents averaging 0.625 goals scored per away game (league’s worst) isn’t going to do Everton’s clean sheet hopes any harm, so maybe an Everton defender could offer some differential.

QPR and WBA players haven’t been showing FPL consistency lately, so there are chances of going wrong if you invest in this game on retail. Gamblers looking for differential could try West Brom defenders as QPR are still the only team in the league to have played more home games than scored goals at home.

Fulham. Based completely on a hunch more than anything, this could be Dimitar Berbatov's week. Alright, not completely - Southampton let in nearly 3 goals (2.86, to be precise) per away game. Quite dismal. Fulham attackers are generally a good choice for this gameweek.

The Blogger’s Team

Meme of the week

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