Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fantasy Premier League: Gameweek 3

First, why are we so early this week? Because this blogger has to fly to Busan where he will spend the rest of the year, and flight timings allow for less than convenient internet access privileges on the sacrosanct Thursday. It'll probably also trash any hopes I had of watching my team face the Bavarians in Prague, but the following months promise to be a fantastic experience.

I've never written that much about myself before on here. One might almost think I've quit my "job"! I assure you, I have not.

Gameweek 3 fixtures

Man City vs Hull
Cardiff vs Everton
Newcastle vs Fulham
Norwich vs Southampton
West Brom vs Swansea
West Ham vs Stoke
Crystal Palace vs Sunderland
Liverpool vs Man Utd
Arsenal vs Tottenham

Chelsea have the small matter of the UEFA Super Cup to deal with, so them and Aston Villa, who faced off earlier in the advanced fixture, have the gameweek off. Also, there is an international break following this gameweek - may the groans ensue.

The Premium Players

A Super Sunday that should live up to its name will be kickstarted by (arguably) the biggest rivalry in English football. Both Man United and Liverpool head into the Anfield clash on some good early form. Not many names on offer that I haven't already mentioned, and at any rate buying players from these teams on retail isn't the smartest thing to do at this point. It is worth mentioning that Rooney (10.5) is back starting and shouldn't be far off the points if he keeps putting in the sort of performance he did on Monday, though at this point he's more of an "observe" than a "buy".
Theo Walcott, Arsenal midfielder

Like Liverpool, Tottenham have started with two wins and a resolute defence, though that will be tested to the max by an Arsenal team that have responded well to the opening day disaster. Giroud (8.6) is red hot and should put paid to any hopes of a Spurs clean sheet hat trick, aided by Walcott (9.5) who assisted last week and has 3 goals and 2 assists to his name in the last three North London derbies. Soldado (9.6) has started his Tottenham career with 4 goals in 3 games, and Arsenal's defence hasn't exactly been watertight.

Man City should make use of their reality check from Wales and put Hull away. Silva (9.2) is fast re-emerging as a good source of points in the City midfield, and should be in line to perform against the Tigers. Dzeko (7.7) is starting, isn't too costly, and is scoring points. Why look beyond?

 The Other Guys

Things aren't looking perky for one of last season's heartwarming teams. Foster is out for at least 2 months and West Brom have registered just 3 shots on target in their opening games. Swansea will be looking to take full advantage of this one respite in a tough opening schedule for them. Expect Bony (8.0) and Vorm (5.0) to provide value for money.

Stoke had the second worst away attack last season, and West Ham . It will be a physical battle, and could well end 0-0, so the best value comes from Collins (4.5), who has had a strong start and could prove to be a valuable asset over the season.

The doubt surrounding Cabaye aside, Newcastle have been dreadful on the pitch, failing to get a single shot on target last week and managing to do so just once at the Etihad. Hughes (4.5) could prove to be a shrewd one-week pick.

Kevin Mirallas, Everton midfielder

Cardiff put in a fantastic shift against Man City, but one has to remember they are a promoted side and last week will not be reflective of their default performance level. This is shaping up to be the week that forward-listed-as-midfielder Mirallas (7.5) finally starts to provide serious output. Coleman (5.0) is one to hold on to as well, for the rest of the season.

The others aren't as appealing in terms of matchup or value, but surely there will be a time when they become great retail buys.

The Blogger's Team

No transfers made this week.


  1. Mertesacker or Garrido?

    1. Between the devil and the deep blue sea, I'd go with Mertesacker, more with an eye for the future than this immediate gameweek.

    2. i have both..
      Mertesacker and Garrido[Subs]
      Since arsenal are facing i was only asking for this gw!
      Will go with Mertesacker Though.

    3. Served you pretty well, didn't it? :D

  2. Silva or Mirallas or Coutinho?

    Also who is the best budget mid-fielder(less than 5 million) would you recommend?

    1. Mirallas for the value he will provide for his price, Silva immediately.
      Budget mid, I'd say Brady.


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