Tuesday, 14 January 2014

7 signs of a "true football fan"

It doesn't come down to how late you stay up, how many games you've attended or how much merchandise you own anymore. The True-Football-Fans Illuminati have created new rules for "the club". This post attempts to lay them bare so that you are prepared to strut around the football webspace without embarrassing yourself.

Here you go - 7 signs to check if you are a "true football fan".

You casually throw around terms like "Trequartista", "Catenaccio" and "Regista", and can speak for hours about them.

Pondering about trequartistas...

You follow at least one mainland European league (Bonus points for Hellas Verona fans).

Classy Italian man tells a Premier League fan what he thinks of him

You have read at least one of "Inverting the Pyramid", "The Numbers Game" or "Soccernomics", plus a football autobiography or ten.

Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography - true literature
"Harry Potter"? Pffft.

You feel at least one top team/manager is "over-rated" (you use that word a lot by the way) and have an "under-rated" (this too) name ready to counter.

Everyone is over-rated. And under-rated. Sometimes at once.

You treasure the nuances of each formation, sometimes a bit too much.

4-4-2 IS different from 4-4-1-1. Trequartista, pay attention!

You prefer stories of tactical victories over showy individual heroism.

Hurray tactics, boo Roy of the Rovers

Last but not least, you detest Troll Football.

Troll Football, that disease

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