Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Blue And Big Numbers

Any time I feel like dusting my keyboard and putting it to work, it seems to precipitate a Chelsea debacle. As with the last time of writing, Chelsea's season isn't by any means done. The result was frightening, however, and somewhat vindicated Jose's policy of keeping rotation to a minimum. The squad is still a work in progress, and a change in style will not come without a cost. That nearly the entire top half of the Premier League decided to sweat their cup ties was scant consolation. This is the second time the Blues have been hit for 4 this year and it's still January. By Chelsea standards, that is simply unacceptable.

Bradford City players are ecstatic after beating Chelsea in the FA Cup
The Bantams break into the Bridge and make away with the silver (Image credits: BBC)

Trust the team from Hogwarts to weave some magic in the FA Cup.

It was pleasing, then, to see Chelsea go into the weekend's big clash with wind in their sails following a huge semifinal victory on Tuesday night. The teams raised the level of the Capital One Cup and ensured it played out like a European Cup knockout tie. Mourinho certainly reacted like he had won one by the end of it. Liverpool have improved massively from the time the clubs met in the league and should be a major contender for top 4 once Sturridge returns.

Thibaut Courtois played a major part in Chelsea's Capital One Cup victory over Liverpool
The returning Thibaut Courtois played a major part in Chelsea's march to Wembley (Image credits: Daily Mail)

Chelsea didn't come away from the tie entirely unscathed - They face the prospect of playing City without Fabregas and could also be short on full back expertise as both Ivanovic and Luis are doubtful. Diego Costa might face a retrospective ban for his 'crimes'. That is a bridge that we will cross when we come to it, though.

For now, Chelsea can celebrate yet another date with Wembley, their second home.

If you've got this far wondering where the rest of the post's title is going to bear fruit, it is now. Some of my older patrons might recall a certain post I made about attempting to conquer the Fantasy Premier League world using data from the FPL API. As I was absorbed by the thug life work, I found it rather difficult to back up my initiative with anything substantial, but I should have something for everyone by this weekend.

In fact, I may have something for you right now. Dig in. It's rudimentary and I will sharpen things in the next few days, but it's a start and could be helpful given that the wildcard window will be closing by Feb 7.