Friday, 14 August 2015

Fantasy Premier League 2015/16 - Gameweek 2

So that was a fun initial week. Goals, snoozefests, upsets and touchline tantrums - the whole package. How did the experimental team do in FPL though?

Gameweek 1 points for the experimental FPL team

A 'grand' total of 30 points. As you can see, the results were... Not great, largely because:

  • I picked a Villa defender who didn't play (the team kept a clean sheet though)
  • I picked Ivanovic (1) instead of Azpilicueta (6)
  • I benched Gomis, who scored
In short - right ideas, wrong lineup. I lost around 16 points to human error after the machine brought me this far. It's only a natural next step to somehow have the machine tell exactly which player to pick as well.

Enough excuses though - the initial signs aren't exactly discouraging. As we move the 4-game window forward by a gameweek to make selections for Gameweek 2, we get an optimal pool of payoffs that looks a bit like this:

Fantasy Premier League payoffs - Gameweek 2

As you can see, both the goalkeeper suggestions changed from last week! This shows that Butland was probably a good idea only for the first game (and was heartbreakingly thwarted by a great late effort by Coutinho). I can't effect these many changes on one team - another lesson for the future.

As for the transfer I can and did make, I got rid of Hutton and got in Cresswell. The fixtures look good for the left back in theory as well.

The Blogger's Teams

The experimental soldiers I am going in with for this week looks a bit like this:

Fantasy Premier League experimental team - Gameweek 2

From the fixtures, it seems like they should have a far better time of it than they did last week. Heck, they may even outdo my primary FPL team, which is:

The Blogger's Fantasy Premier League team - Gameweek 2

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