Saturday, 8 August 2015

The road to FPL 2015-16 (Part 2)

This post is the second in a 3 part series leading up to kick-off in the EPL and, of course, the FPL season. You can read part 1 here.

A light post on some interesting and possibly useful trivia from last season's FPL data this time before we embark on the final steps towards making a team tomorrow morning.


Players with the highest EA Sports PPI

Top performers - EA Sports PPI

Now this is obviously no sure indicator of output in terms of fantasy points, as it's more of an index calculated based on a number of attributes. The Premier League obviously loves to sing its praises, and the rankings do look interesting - Charlie Austin above Fabregas and Costa, for one?


Players with the best points per 90 mins played

FPL - Points per match

Now this is a more business-like metric. Note that not all these players played week in, week out. But when they did step on the pitch, they delivered. If you're sure of these guys playing, you should probably think about getting them in.


FPL - Saves per match

The usefulness of these rankings depend on what you are looking for in a keeper. None of the keepers in the running for last season's Golden Glove feature here, so if you want clean sheets, this list isn't very useful. However, if you wanted to know which budget keepers to get in for save points, it is worth looking at. And hey, you might win a pub quiz or two.


Players with the best points per 90 mins per price unit

FPL - Points per match per price unit

A list of players who managed to "return their price" in every game, and then some. We're always on the lookout for a steal, and these are the budget-priced stars from last season. The likes of Harry Kane (9.5) and Hector Bellerin (5.5) are more dearly priced this term, but the likes of Marc Albrighton (5.0), Nacer Chadli (7.0) and James Milner (7.0) might still be a worth a look based on these numbers.

Want to know anything else? Feel free to leave a comment.

*All lists created using players who played at least 900 mins through the season.

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